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Why yes, I am still alive

Apparently "back in December" means "back four months later." *headdesk* It has been a busy few months here with work, plus some renovations we're doing on the house...which we had to accelerate as Whelan #3 will be joining our household in just over three months! Yeah when people say you'll be tired when you're pregnant, they aren't kidding. Also pregnancy appears to have eaten the creative pieces of my brain. Let's not discuss how much (or little) I've written.

But I am still writing, and I plan to keep blogging now, though probably only once a week. Just don't hold me to saying anything creative or funny until after June. And then I promise to be a riot since I'll be operating on -8 hours of sleep a night and thus completely incoherent.

So how is everyone else's writing going? 
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