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The genius of others

Hi! I am back! And in possession of a shiny new baby, a shiny new kitchen, and a shiny new sleep deprivation!* Also apparently in possession of only an exclamation point…sorry about that. Rather than make a bunch of excuses I’m just going to jump into a post about writing because that’s what you’re all here for, right? Not cute pictures of my baby and ramblings from a new mom. Here goes!

So we all know I finally finished my WIP last fall. But I knew as soon as I finished it there were MAJOR REVISIONS needed. Like, whip out a scalpel and carve the whole thing apart types of revisions. And being a good writer, I plotted my revisions and made fancy charts** to make sure things would work. But when I started on my revisions, it was hard to gain momentum. I know part of it was due to pregnancy - there was no creativity here, couldn’t even read books for a while (I know!) - and being busy.*** Then I had a baby and had all sorts of free time. (What, did you hear that laughter where you are? I tried to stifle it.) Each and every day during that time I felt guilty for not writing. All consuming guilt some days. But I. Just. Couldn’t. Write. Something was wrong.

What was wrong? I was too deep in the story and couldn’t see the forest for the trees. I had some great notes from people but couldn’t process them. The story was, indeed, seriously broken. But not in the way I thought, and it wasn’t until I took a step back and talked to my fabulous, genius crit partner Alison over a nice cup of steaming tea in a quiet little tea house that I saw the problem (after Alison called it out…did I mention she is a genius?): I was trying to do revisions on the book as it existed, but it was missing something. One little thing was wrong with the premise of the story and it had HUGE RAMIFICATIONS to the entire book. And once I saw the problem, lightbulbs went off. I knew what was wrong and how to fix it, or at least how to start fixing it. Now I have a timeline for my revisions (sticking it so far!) and am remembering just why I loved this story in the first place. And now that I’m making progress on my revisions, I can start working on a new WIP too. One that requires me to research Arthurian legend and watch the UK show Merlin. 

Have I mentioned lately how much I love writing? 

*That last one is totally the best. I highly recommend sleep deprivation, best thing I ever diddfkkkjn. Oops, fell asleep on the key board.

**I am VERY GOOD at making charts. 

***This time was filled with work and moving our second floor to our first floor, the living room and office**** into the dining room and then into the attic so the kitchen could go into the dining room. 

****Here’s an important note: if you REMOVE a structural support post from a house PUT IT BACK. There was apparently one missing in our house, which we found out when our (my) books started to collapse our floor. *Headdesk*

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