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Internet - we have Internet! Last week's nor'easter walloped our area, though we were miraculously spared from a power outage (unlike 90% of our town). 

Today I wanted to share a few blog posts I read recently that I found very interesting. 

First off, this blog by Maggie Stiefvater on why she wrote The Scorpio Races (which I am reading right now and LOVE). Basically she says this story is the book she always wanted to read, and that's why she wrote it. As I start working on my new WIP, which is about King Arthur and murder and lockets and tattoos, I think this is something I want to keep in mind. I've always been obsessed with Camelot and everything surrounding it and thinking about all of the pieces I love...I need to keep those things in mind as I write. I think this book needs to be something I love.

Also this guest post by Sara Zarr, on what inspires her is ... so needed right now. What inspires her? Failure. It's easy to lose perspective, I think, especially for me right now as I try to find time to be a good mom and write and I feel like everything I write is crap. But in reality, probably 99% of what every writer writes is crap and we have to write crap to get to the good writing, to unearth the good story hidden amongst the crap. Sara says this: "The creative process, and the creative life, is mostly full of moments between the idea and the being done, the spark and the blazing fire, the shimmering magic and the finished piece. We’re always living in the gap between our vision of what could be and what might be, and what is." And that is something I desperately need to remember right now.

One last link, which I don't think I've shared yet. If you haven't visited Laini Taylor's Not for Robots blog, you should. Just go. I love the brainstorming and the "exercises for generating ideas" entries.

Also I have embarked on NaNoFinMo (National Novel FINISH THE $#?! DRAFT Month) and thus far I am:

9265 / 33712 words. 27% done!

Huzzah! Actually I'm farther but I haven't typed in my edits from the past couple of days. Also I fear the bar is misleading me, since my "edit" is really a "re-write" and the 33,712 words are only the salvageable parts of the novel (so I'll really be going over 100%)...but I DON'T CARE RIGHT NOW. I <3 THE BAR! I AM ALMOST 1/3 DONE!

How's everyone else doing with their writing goals?
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