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My week in pictures

 How have I missed a week of posting?!? Oh yeah, I was here:

You mean you don't recognize those trees? Well they're in Killington, Vermont.

I was there to do this:

Mmmm pancakes....

Okay not really. We were in Vermont for this:

Our friends' wedding - so much fun!!

And then we traveled to Mass.:

What you've never eaten a baby nose before? They're quite yummy.

Actually my friend's heading abroad for a year or so and we were there for his good-bye party. (I'll miss you buddy!)

And then when we got home I had to start doing this:

I have two accounting exams in 8 days. That is not a typo. Or a rounding error.

So I'll be here for a while:

Okay I'm not really going to be in this bunker (mainly because it's across the ocean), but it'll feel like it. 

Also when googling for pictures of bunkers in Bruges, Belgium, I got this:

Now that's my kind of motto. Think Colin Farrell will take my accounting exam for me?

And not to be self-serving but my husband took this picture of me and I kind of love it...

I was having very deep thoughts about the meaning of life.
(Or praying we could speed things along before I froze to death. Vermont in October...not so warm.)

Hope everyone has a good weekend!
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