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lizwhelan's Journal

YA writer and military analyst (yep, like tanks and stuff)

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Rather than use this space to tell you useful things about what qualifies me to be a writer (nothing! I studied international security in undergrad – Stonehill College – and grad school – Georgetown University), I thought I would tell you 5 facts about me that are completely unimportant. So here goes:

1. From the ages of ~14 to 31, I hated to write.*

2. I am allergic to almost all fruit, nuts and a smattering of vegetables. As I am also a health nut, this makes every day super fun.

3. I had a minor obsession with nuclear weapons when I was younger (ok, until a few years ago).**

4. I used the same pencil from 6th grade through grad school. It was a hot pink mechanical pencil and by the time I finished school it was basically superglued together and the lead wouldn't click out properly.

5. I am part Swiss.***

* This is clearly why I studied Political Science because, you know, there is NO writing in that major. Especially not in grad school. In hindsight, maybe I didn’t hate writing as much as I thought I did … or I am just an idiot.
** To be clear, this was not a “let’s set them off” obsession (bad idea) but a “learning about nuclear weapons is super cool” kind of obsession. I find it fascinating to discuss nuclear strategy - how and why a country would use them. Why yes, I am the life of the party.
***Actually, this is important. I will use it to explain my idiosyncrasies. For example, I loved country music for a decade. Then a few months ago I decided I don't like it at all, but I LOVE rock. This is because I am Swiss.